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Better International Services BIS has two diversified companies namely Better International for Hospitality & Cleaning and Better International for Decorations.  

BIS is happy to offer various services for our clients each of the Homes and Corporate as follows



Better International for Hospitality & Cleaning


We are seeking to understand our responsibility towards society and community based individuals in various fields, in order for us to contribute to the advancement of society, and upgrading of its members to the advancement of society, and upgrading of its members to the best level possible in State of Qatar 


-      Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We act with a high level of integrity in everything we do.

-      We encourage directness while upholding the dignity and self- esteem of every person.

-      We look at the demands of the clients and suggest the best solution until we provide dynamic result.

-      Teamwork is heart of our company. We build a confident and honest relationship with our co-workers. We unite toward a shared destiny through sharing information and ideas, empowering and developing trust.


Better International for Decorations

We are specialized in providing high-level quality services in the internal and external design of all residential buildings and commercial buildings.

The planning and construction of the entrances of hotels, commercial buildings, residential buildings, rest houses, and privately owned palaces and sports facilities, government administration projects, health care, hospitals, retail stores and commercial buildings, is the main specialization scope of BIS.

We provide turnkey projects starting from the foundation phase, design phase, all the construction works phase and completed delivery phase.



State of the art work and creative touch is what differentiates us from others. Innovative design accompanied by unique harmony makes our design admired and respected by all customers. It provides a sense of authenticity by genuinely reflecting the feelings of humans in a simple and satisfactory manner.