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Experience the art of designing & decoration with BIS 

We, BIS Decoration Company, are specialized in providing high-level quality services in the internal and external design of commercial buildings & residential building such as villas, palaces, residential towers, hotels, rest houses, sports facilities, government administration projects, health care, hospitals and retail stores. The company has wide experience executing several projects. State of the art work and creative touch is what differentiates us from others. 

BIS is engineered to provide a great value to its customers by meeting their demands and taste while exploring with them innovative, state of the art and impressive designs that reach far beyond their expectations in the below fields. 

Decorative Plaster 

This multilayer surface has a unique texture, as the paint or outer layer of the fabric is determined by size and shape of the padding tool being used. It is also affected by the application technique used but eventually it reflects uniqueness and accurate lines that impresses anyone looking at it. 

Using Decorative Plaster, your home becomes an exciting and will have a character of its own. 

Moreover, the plaster decorative has the ability to create a variety of decorative surface tissue on the walls, and the ability to hide the flaws that appear on the surfaces with strength and durability. 

Gypsum works & decorations 

Better International for Decorations has a good track record & experience in the field of ‪gypsum works and ‪decorations 

Gypsum board walls, ceilings & partitions have a number of outstanding advantages:
• Ease of installation
• Fire resistance
• Sound isolation
• Durability
• Economy
• Versatility 

Parquet Floor 

Designing a floor can be done in various ways. The most prominent artistic one is the parquet which combines different types of wood in a complex and sophisticated manner. We have studied in detail the history of Parquet Floor patterns in the royal palaces, which was owned by the unique historical figures.

We were able to understand in depth the benefit of such ‪designs and unique patterns. Our product range is limitless, allowing for each project to have its own custom style and finish.

At your request, we can add not only wooden decorative elements, but also glass, stone, marble and minerals. We have expert craftsmen who specialize in both restorations of existing floors as well the installation of new floors to meet our customer’s requirements. 


We bring traditional Arabian style into your home with the well-designed majilis at the best prices in the market. We give you an assurance of coziness, warmth and style in Arabian and Moroccan styles. We offer a total solution whether for the home, office, and hotel or serviced apartments. We use colors, texture and various designs to give you style and elegance. And our outdoor majlis with durability and strength bring elegance to the exterior.