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 Woodworking & Carpentry 

Our designers can provide exclusive products of different types of precious wood, including the rare and exotic ones. Our professional Engineers are able to design different shapes and models using the different types of wood by introducing the process innovation techniques. 

We are specialists in crafting the unique, the special, the memorable custom ‪doors, ‪‎wooden doors and  custom beds be it a contemporary design or a timeless classic that our customers require, we make them all. 

Wooden Doors 

Wood is one of the more common choices for a front door. Old wooden doors complement modern furnishings, and give the space major character. We provide a wide range of stylish internal doors and exterior doors, plus beautiful bi folding doors and specialist fire doors – not forgetting garage doors

If you are looking for a Custom Wood Door or you have a new home or a building that calls for an entrance that makes a statement we are here to help you.

We guarantee that all our doors will be made to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  

Wooden Beds

A wooden bed is the perfect option to suit any room providing a solid foundation for a wide range of decors and themes. If you require a rustic look in dark wood, or an elegant painted finish, or a white wooden bed frame we can design any custom bed with elegance and superb comfort. 

Kids' Beds

Kids’ bedroom is the place where they sleep, do schoolwork, play games, read and enjoy with friends. Decorating a kids' room doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. We have an awesome collection of original kids bed shapes & designs to help you in offering to your child his or her dream room. We design space saving kids bunk beds too. We quote and build any kids bed to your preference design and specifications.